Kathy Spurlock, LPC
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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

An eclectic combination of cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and skill building techniques focusing on developing one's ability to regulate emotions, learn more effective ways to tolerate distress, and gain more appropriate interpersonal skills. DBT has been proven effective in helping one gain renewed hope and meaning in life.

Energy Psychology (Tapping)

Based on stimulating the body's energy sources, Energy Psychology utilizes techniques building from the fields of acupressure, yoga, and energy medicine. The technique works by combining stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin, combined with affirmations and specific psychological procedures. It works by shifting the brain's electrochemistry and assists with overcoming fears, phobias, guilt, shame, obsessions and compulsions, and enhances one's ability to enjoy a greater and fuller life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Based on the belief that individuals interpret situations differently and the way we think affects the way we feel. First we think, then we feel, then we act. CBT focuses on changing distorted thinking patterns to healthier patterns, which leads to changes in behavior.

Parent Education and Training

Ms. Spurlock has previously worked for the Wake County Human Services and Navy Family Services providing parenting classes to families. Currently, she pulls from this past experience in addition to specialized training in Foster Kline and Jim Faye's "Love and Logic" techniques, among others to assist parents and caretakers in developing more effective parenting strategies.

Sand Tray Therapy

A therapeutic experience whereby the client has the opportunity to choose from various symbolic figures and create a "picture" within the sand tray, representative of his/her inner state. Through this creative play, a person's inner world is made visible. This is often invaluable for clients who have difficulty expressing feelings. The simple process of touching the sand and creating scenes seems to elicit healing and transformation.

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