Kathy Spurlock, LPC
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About Kathy Spurlock

Kathy Spurlock is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years of clinical experience. Ms. Spurlock has specialized training in LGBTQ, anxiety, domestic violence, child abuse, anger management, ADHD, divorce issues, and depression, among others. She provides a client centered approach to client struggles including more traditional forms of psychotherapy to less traditional but highly effective means such as energy psychology.

Ms. Spurlock has special interest in sand tray therapy which she believes promotes balance and wholeness in the individual. Another area of special interest is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, an invaluable tool for assisting individuals with a history of self-harming behaviors. DBT is extremely effective in developing interpersonal effectiveness and gaining control over self-destructive behaviors. Additionally, Ms. Spurlock recently completed one year of specialized training in Somatic Experiencing. 'SE' is an effective method for overcoming trauma through a mind body approach

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